Learn how to make a drippy master piece using the vinyl cutter and paint. Create a decal and stick it to canvas, then splatter your paint to create a silhouette design.

Adults & Ages 6+   $3

Lakeshore: Tuesday January 10, 2017   6:00pm

HTML & CSS are the building blocks of the world wide web. Learn how to design and code your very own websites! 

Adults & Ages 12+   FREE

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer ideal for prototyping and learning computer science. Learn how to build and connect a simple circuit to one and control it using the Python programming language.

Adults & Ages 12+   FREE

Decorate your computer, iPad, or tablet with a customized vinyl decal.

Adults & Ages 8+   $2

Lakeshore: Saturday January 21, 2017   1:30pm

Chess, checkers or tic-tac-toe! Choose your favourite game to design and cut using the laser cutter.

Adults & Ages 10+   $5

Learn the ins and outs of green screen technology using FX PhotoKey.

Adults & Ages 10+   FREE

Lakeshore: Thursday January 26, 2017   10 a.m.

Get yourself organized this new year with a unique calendar! Learn about vector design and watch your calendar sticker design be cut on our vinyl cutter.

Adults & Ages 9+     $4

Cookstown: Tuesday January 10, 2017    5:30 p.m.

Learn how to design your own customized clock and celebrate the new year with creativity!

Adults & Ages 10+   FREE

Cookstown: Tuesday January 24, 2017    5:30 p.m.

Learn to build an electric version of a cigar box guitar for 30 bucks! These three string wonders are really cool and easy to learn on. Tune one to an open chord and strums to your hearts content.

Adults & Ages 18+   $30

Lakeshore: Session 1 of 3 - Thursday January 19, 2017  6 p.m.
                   Session 2 of 3 - Thursday February 23, 2017   6 p.m.
                   Session 3 of 3 - Thursday March 3, 2017 6 p.m.

Learn to use our hand-held 3D scanning device to capture someones likeness. We will then edit this 3D file and prepare it for carving in our 3D mill. Learn the skills needed to create a unique portrait of a family member. 

Adults & Ages 18+  $3

Lakeshore: Wednesday January 18, 2017   10 a.m.


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