Digital Media Lab

Take a green screen photo, find a seasonal background, and create a personalized greeting card to share.  Costumes and props welcome!  Book ahead to avoid long wait times. Sessions are in 15 minute intervals.

All Ages    Free

Colourize Your Photos Make your black and white photos POP with colour!  Learn the basics of Photoshop, how to create layer masks, and how to apply a colourizing effect in each area to bring colour to your photos. 

Adults   Free

Lakeshore: Wednesday October. 12  1:30pm

Clear up some shelf space and share your family memories more easily by converting your VHS tapes to digital files to store in cyberspace or burn to a disc. 

Adults    Free

Lakeshore: Wednesday September 14, 2016  1:30pm

Carry your record collection in your pocket, or listen to your albums in the car without having to repurchase them in a newer format.

Adults   Free

Lakeshore: Tuesday September 28, 2016   1:30pm

Do you have photos that are faded, folded, or torn? Use Photoshop to make those pictures look as good as new! 

Adults    Free

Lakeshore: Saturday September 17, 2016   1:30pm

This is a demonstration course so no need to bring tapes, convert your VHS tapes to digital files to live in Cyber Space or burn to DVD but everything shown to you can be used for free with your library card.

Adults    Free

Lakeshore: Wednesday August 3, 2016   1:30pm

Digitizing a record requires playing it and recording it through the computer instead of playing it through a speaker, so we will demonstrate without playing a whole record through — no need to bring a record. Everything demonstrated can be done for free in the Media Lab though. We'll show you how to get set up, use a pre-recorded album to show you how to save the recording as a series of mp3 files (so each song is an individual mp3), show you how to burn to DVD, and offer some tips. 

Adults    Free

In this demonstration class, you'll learn all about the Photos app for Windows 10 and how you can organize and edit your photos.


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