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Christmas is just around the corner. Want to learn how to make your own Green Screen Christmas photos?
Have you ever wondered how the Green Screen works? This Workshop is for you!
In this Tinkershop we are going to explore and learn how to take a photo. Remove the background, and add a different background using the program PhotoKey. Here you will gain the skills to create a very special keepsake.

Do you have slides or older photos collecting dust around the house? But you just can't part with them. Why not digitize them? This tutorial class will give you the skills to preserve your precious memories. You will learn hands-on in the Digital Media Lab how to scan your slides or photos. Then color correct them if needed, and save them to your USB.

Experience the magic of the Green Screen. Have your photo taken and put yourself in a spooky Halloween background.

All Ages    Cost first photo Free, $1 for each additional photo

Bring your old black and white photos to life using Photoshop. Learn how to create masks and add color to your image.

Adults & Ages 10+  Free

Learn how to take your beloved home movies and digitize them to a DVD or USB. Re watch your cherished memories in a new format for all your family members to enjoy.

Adults & Ages 10+  Free

Cookstown: Tuesday July 11,  1:30pm

Preserve your precious memories! Learn how to convert your old VHS tapes to DVD.

Adults & Ages 10+   Free

Cookstown: Thursday April 13, 2017   5:30pm

This is your chance to get the basic instruction on how to use Photoshop. Learn what a layer is, how to create text and effects in your photos.

Adults & Ages 13+  Free

Lakeshore: Tuesday April 11, 2017   6:00pm

Ever wanted to create a professional poster, or even learn the basics of InDesign? Here is your chance come learn everything you need to know, to promote your event or announcements.

Adults    FREE

Learn how to make black and white photos lifelike with colour, using masks and adjustment layers in Photoshop.

Adults    Free

Lakeshore: Wednesday February 22, 2017   1:30 p.m.

Clear up some shelf space and share your family memories more easily by converting your VHS tapes to digital files to store in cyberspace or burn to a disc.  Makes a great gift, but it takes some time — get started now with the first step, learning how it works!

Adults    Free 

Stroud: Tuesday January 24, 2017   6:00pm



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