Donations, Sponsorship and Fundraising

The Innisfil Public Library Board gratefully accepts donations and sponsorships based on this policy.
The Innisfil Public Library welcomes and encourages gifts and sponsorships from individuals, groups, foundations and corporations, for the purpose of enhancing library services.
Donations and Sponsorship
Definition: Donation means a gift or contribution of cash, goods or services given voluntarily toward an event, project, program or corporate asset as a philanthropic act, for which a Charitable Tax Credit can be issued. Contribution of skills or time through volunteer service do not qualify as donations, as they are not recognized as such in the Canadian Income Tax Act.

The Innisfil Public Library Board accepted the Canadian Library Association Corporate Sponsorship Agreement by Motion Number: 99.46 and continues to endorse its message (Appendix A) through this policy.
The Library actively solicits and encourages the business community, service clubs and other organizations to become donors and/or sponsors of Library events, programmes and services, which will benefit the community by allowing the Library to increase the level of service it can provide to the residents of Innisfil.
Definition: Sponsorship means a contribution of cash, goods or services toward an event, project, program or corporate asset, in return for commercial benefit (i.e. logo placement or presenting sponsorship). The funds typically emanate from the sponsor’s marketing, advertising or communication budgets. Sponsorships are a reciprocal arrangement benefiting both parties. Usually the cost to the sponsor is categorized as a business expense for which a Business Tax Receipt can be issued.

The scope of this policy includes gifts and donations of:
  • Money
  • Books, and other print materials
  • Audio visual materials
  • Art and photographic works
  • Equipment
  • Other in-kind gifts or services
  • Property of significant value, such as real estate or securities
  • Planned gifts, such as willed donations, bequests or endowments

The Innisfil Public Library may accept unsolicited materials on the understanding that the Innisfil Public Library has unconditional ownership of the materials.

The Library reserves the right to use the donation in the best interest of the Library, and shall make decisions regarding the investment, disposition and/or eventual disposal of all donations.
The Innisfil Public Library has no obligation to inform the donor of the disposition of the donated materials, to retain intact, or to reserve special library shelving for, unsolicited gifts of private collections.
Gifts of money will be accepted on the understanding that these monies will be used in accordance with the criteria established in this policy.
As a rule donated materials will not be accepted as payment for lost or damaged library materials or late fees. However, exact copy replacement of a lost or damaged item will be considered if: the replacement copy is in pristine condition; and the Library wishes to retain a copy in the collection.
The Library receives thousands of book donations every year. Many of them can be incorporated into our collection, but others are duplicates of what we already own or are not in suitable condition. We try to find a good home for every book we receive, or we will add a donated book to the library’s book sale to raise funds for collections, services and programmes.
Due to the large volume of donations that we receive; we will only be accepting books that are in good condition and that fall into one of the following categories:
  • Hardcover books that have been published last year or this year
  • Paperbacks that have been published in the current year
  • Local History materials
  • Works by local authors
  • DVDs, CDs, recorded books, language kits
The Library does not accept:
  • Magazines, including National Geographic
  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • VHS
  • CD-Roms
  • Unlicensed copies
  • Most computer books
  • Other items as determined by the library

All donations/sponsorship will be consistent with the Innisfil Public Library’s Mission Statement and will not in any way compromise or contravene any Provincial, Federal statute or regulation or policy of the Innisfil Public Library or reflect negatively on the Library’s public image. 

The Library reserves the right to refuse any donation or sponsorship opportunity, which is deemed to be inappropriate or unsuitable to the advancement of the mission, goals and objectives of the Library.
The Library will consider donation of cash, material or goods, and/or sponsorship from companies, organizations or agencies, recognized as producing and/or distributing beer, wine or alcohol products. Sponsorship and donations from such companies, organizations or agencies may be accepted by the Library and by community groups hosting special events in facilities, which can be licensed the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. In such cases, advertising by these companies will promote responsible consumption of the product. Groups and individuals recognized as producing and/or distributing beer, wine and/or alcohol products may not contribute to services provided exclusively for children, youth and/or teens.
Sponsorship agreements, which are valued at $10,000 or less, may be approved by the CEO and reported to the Library Board at its next meeting.
Sponsorship agreements with values in excess of $10,000 shall be presented to the Library Board for approval.
Acceptance will take the form of a written agreement signed by representatives of the sponsoring organization and authorized representatives of the Library. This agreement will define the terms of the sponsorship and any recognition to be provided to the sponsor.
  • The sponsor must have no impact on the policies and practices of the Library
  • Sponsorships do not imply endorsement of products by the Library
  • Where the sponsorship agreement limits the Library’s ability to enter into other sponsorships, such an agreement shall clearly define the nature and extent of the exclusivity, and the time frame over which the exclusivity is to be granted.
  • Any public use of the name and/or logo of the Library, affiliated organizations, branches, collections, special services, and programmes must be approved by the Chief Librarian.
  • All donations and sponsorships received by the Innisfil Public Library will be acknowledged and recognized by a letter of thanks upon completion of the event or project.
  • In accordance with The Income Tax Act, should the Innisfil Public Library offer an item, privilege or other benefit in return for the sponsorship, the recognition should be of nominal value and not exceed the lesser of $50.00 or 10% of the amount of the sponsorship. 
  • The Library will provide recognition of donations and sponsorship that is consistent with the fundraising plan and the gift/sponsorship level.
  • In cases where the sponsor requests no public acknowledgment, the Innisfil Public Library will honour their request subject to any disclosure that may be required pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  • Naming rights may be assigned to a donor or sponsor, provided that the Library’s image is not compromised. The naming opportunity must be detailed in a Fundraising Plan that has been approved by the Innisfil Public Library Board prior to the solicitation of donations or sponsorships.
  • Any promotion advertising material developed in conjunction with a Presenting Sponsorship shall prominently feature the name of the activity or event and the Innisfil Public Library. Definition: Presenting sponsor is the sponsor that has its name presented immediately adjacent to that of the sponsored activity or event.    
  • Any signage required for donations and sponsorship will be designed, constructed and installed in a manner that is mutually agreed upon by the donor/sponsor and the Innisfil Public Library. The final decision will rest with the Library.

Official Receipts
The Finance Department will issue tax receipts in accordance with Revenue Canada regulations for donations and/or sponsorships valued at $25.00 and over, based on requests. It is the responsibility of the donor to submit proof of fair market value to the library.

Sponsorship Termination
The Innisfil Public Library Board reserves the right to terminate any existing sponsorships if conditions arise that conflict with this policy or if the sponsorship no longer supports the best interest of the Library.
Staff will develop and implement appropriate fundraising strategies to achieve fundraising targets, while maintaining awareness and respect for fundraising endeavours undertaken by others within the Innisfil Community.
The Innisfil Public Library Board may choose to strike a fundraising committee that will create a fundraising plan and ensure the adherence of the fundraising principles of this policy.
Supersedes Policy Number: 2006 – 05
Approved by the Innisfil Public Library Board, March 20, 2006
Motion Number: 2006.23
Supersedes Policy Number: 2001-11
Approved by the Innisfil Public Library Board, November 8, 1999
Supersedes Policy Number: 2001-05
Approved by the Innisfil Public Library Board, June 24, 1991
Revision approved by the Innisfil Public Library Board, February 17, 2009
Motion Number: 2009.16
Appendix A
Canadian Library Association
Position Statements

Corporate Sponsorship Agreement in Libraries
Approved by Executive Council ~ June 21, 1997

Libraries enrich lives, provide information needed for work and daily living, and foster informed communities which are essential to a democratic society. In recognition of this important function, communities support libraries through public funding. The library's first priority is to ensure the continuation and growth of this primary relationship -- public funding for the public good.
CLA encourages and supports advocacy to maintain and develop public funding as the principal source of support for public, school, academic and government libraries.
Publicly funded libraries can and do explore other sources of funding, such as grants, gifts, donations, partnerships and sponsorships, to ensure that they provide the best possible services to their communities. Corporate sponsorships are one source of additional support that allows libraries to enhance the level, extend the range, or improve the quality of library service.
To ensure that partnerships enhance the library's image and add value to library services, libraries need to develop policies and sponsorship agreements that outline the conditions and the benefits of the sponsorship arrangement.
CLA believes that the following principles are important in developing sponsorship policies and agreements. Libraries have a responsibility to:
  1. demonstrate that sponsors further the library's mission, goals, objectives and priorities, but do not drive the library's agenda or priorities.
  2. safeguard equity of access to library services and not allow sponsorship agreements to give unfair advantage to, or cause discrimination against, sectors of the community.
  3. protect the principle of intellectual freedom and not permit sponsors to influence the selection of collections, or staff advice and recommendations about library materials, nor require endorsement of products or services.
  4. ensure the confidentiality of user records by not selling or providing access to library records.
  5. be sensitive to the local political and social climate and select partners who will enhance the library's image in the community.